FIVE Links in the footer area of Your web pages.

When you outline a web site lay out, I am sure you will create your template lay out like –

* Header
* Footer
* Left/Right navigation
* Body

Yes, it is a nice and clean lay out … But are you keeping the following links in your footer area:

1. Terms of Service: If you are offering a service or product, you should mention under which terms your service/product must be used by the purchased party. You might have certain conditions like you don’t want your ebook distributed freely or your software installed on only one site … All these conditions comes under ‘Terms of Service’. Don’t forget to update it once in a while.

2. Anti-spam policy: Most webmasters don’t bother about it. But you must display that your emailings to your customers or subscribers are not sent without their permission. Ofcourse, you must follow it too … It is better display your interests here like any commercial emailing allowed or list rented to third party etc.

3. Private policy: How your visitors details will be handled? Certainly every webmasters tracks their weblogs to see how well their website is doing in search engines. Collects visitor details like email, name, ip number, address etc. You have to mention how the data is used on your site.

4. Contact us link: You can also display a contact us link in footer area. Even though they overlooked in your left navigational bar, this is their second chance to found it.

5. Copyright Information: Display clearly that the content, images etc belongs to who. Sometimes your web site might display other people’s content or links or ads etc. Mention that they belong to so and so person. If you have used any third party content or logos, mention it.


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