Google Search resutls and User Interface has changed.

Every day I use Google for my searches. Yes … Bing and Yahoo are also OK, but I guess I am more used to Google search interface …

Today when I went to Google, something has changed. Yeah! the buttons have changed. But when I did the search, the results page came out very different. Here we go … Google has been manipulating something with my search results by cookies? I looked at seach settings to revert back to original interface. But I couldn’t … no option was there.

So I had no choice. So I just looked around the page and was researching what was changed.

Google new search interface

Google new search interface

These are my thoughts …

Less Importance to Adwords ads:

They are at right top corner as usual. But the width of this column is not like previous one. Little shorter. So the ads column looked narrowed. This three column display giving more importance to left column and the actual search results column.

I spent less time on Adwords:

I was looking at left menubar links all the time and see how google results are changing when I click on them. The search results are showing based on the options like images, videos, New, Books etc. Below that column is another menu which needs to be opened up if we are interested.

Related search words:

This is a good feature. We know what other search words we can look into. This type of search is also seen on This makes us to spend more time on digging search results and more chances of finding what we want.

Wide variety of Search options:

Seach can be done based on –

* local or whole the web
* based on time
* Standard view or Timeline or Wonder wheel – I liked this very much. This actually showed how a search time is searched in the past and present. I really don’t know the power of this feature but it is cool!
* Translated search

I still don’t get the importance of these in terms of web site keyword optimization and promotion, but this search is better than previous one.

But instead of three column approach, leave it with two column display as before and giving options menu as horizontal bar on the top of the page?

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