THREE ways You can Use the Ezines to Increase Your Sales.

1. Write ezine articles and submit to ezine publishers.

Writing ezine articles is one of the three best promotional methods that I’d ever know. (search engines and free ebooks are other two in my personal experience). Ofcourse your results may be different.

Collect email addresses of ezine publishers that are willing to receive articles on certain topics.

Search the database on these web sites and collect the email addresses of ezine publishers who are willing to receive your articles. If you have a mailing list manager or autoresponder software, you can import them to your software. Seperate the publishers emails based on the article topics they want to receive.

You can send your article(s) to these publishers at certain interval like a month or two. DON’T forget to include a thankyou note for their time.

2. Joint ventures with ezine publishers.

Follow the ‘win-win’ theory. If ezine publishers get something from the joint venture proposal, sure they are gonna agree to your proposal. For example you have an affiliate program for your product and you can ask the ezine publishers to join in your affiliate program and send the advertisement to their subscribers with their affiliate link.

Or publish a free ebook which allow branding and inclusion of affiliate links. So ezine publishers can give away the free ebook to their subscribers with their affiliate links.

3. Buying ezine ad space.

Many ezines sell advertising space in their ezines. Price can vary from $2.00 – $500.00 per ad. The price usually based on the number of subscribers, how long the ezine is online and popularity of the ezine etc.

Few tips in selecting correct ezine for buying ad space:

* Choose the ezine carefully that related to your product.
* Subscribe to that ezine atleast few months before buying the ad space. See how the ads are being placed.
* Check the number of subscribers, ad placements, price etc. But remember, it is the click through ratio that is important, not the number of subscribers. Ezine lists with double opt-in supposed to be with loyal subscribers.
* Always track your results of an advertisement.
* Check if the ezine is published on the web simultaneously. Because some ezine publishers will send their ezines through emails and also publish them on their web sites. This will be an advantage for you as your ad will be placed on the web and will pull continuous visitors.
* Placement of ads: Top ads certainly Ggive more results than bottom ones.
* Writing good headline: Writing a good headline is very important to pull the reader in to the ad. No matter where the ad is placed, attractive headline always matters.

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