Is your Shopping cart Search engine friendly and optimized?

Most of the web sites have products or services to sell. Either digital products or physical goods … The part of the web site that manages the inventory and provides the buying experience to the buyers comes under ecommerce.

Recent (or long existing ?) trend on competing to top spots on search engine results pushing ecommerce providers to update or change the shopping cart designs and code to suit the webmaster needs. Some of these changes are carts with search engine optimization, rss feeds, rich snippets etc.

Usually shopping carts are either self hosted (installed on your own web site) or thrid party services (other web site hosts your products on their site) to provide buying and delivery of the products.

Simple ways of search engine optimization of your shopping carts:

1. Search engine friendly URLs:

is way better than

The top one is called search engine friendly url as it doesn’t contain any query strings like the second url which is dynamic url. Though Google and some other search engines crawl these dynamic urls perfectly, still webmasters tend to look for straight urls.

2. Customized URLs:

See the above example. It just saying catid-1 and prodid-1. It doesn’t tell the searcher what exatly the page is about. So if your cart can get the URLs like the following, it would be another search engine optimized feature …

3. Customize each product page with specific title, metatags and keywords:

This is a BIG plus point in shopping carts as you can optimize every product page with it’s own title, metatags like description and keywords etc. In google webmaster tools you will see google listing your web pages if they have duplicate titles. So this is another proof that google gives importance to title of the page.

So shopping carts with optimized pages are very good for search engine ranking.

4. XML feeds:

If the cart has rss feeds that updates every time you add a product is useful to inform google that your ecommerce site is growing. If your cart has ping functionality, then it will automatically informs google about your new product page.


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