Three Breathing techniques for an Ezine Article.

I subscribed myself to many ezines. I’d love to read articles in them. First thing I will do is going to article section of the ezine.

I am telling you honestly … I have learned so many things from these ezine articles. Three aspects of the articles made me think – ‘how to keep the reader focused on the article?’

When ever you write an article just follow these THREE simple rules:

1. Focus on ONLY one point:

Some articles goes pages and pages. Let an article be a short and brief information on any ONE topic.

Better not to write long essay type documents. Simply focus on one point. For example if you want to write on search engine optimization, take specific point from this vast subjects. Like-

* one article on Keywords
* one article on title
* one article on ‘how content is good’
* one article on images and ‘alt’ tags etc.

By this we can discuss each single topic in depth and you will have more subjects at hand to write more articles …

2. Make it point by point:

Instead of big paragraphs, slice up big lines and paragraphs in to short paragraphs and side headings.

This is to make few points stand out clearly from others. If the reader is in hurry, he can grab main points from these highlighted sections.

People scan the articles and ads. The highlighted lines and subheadings should pull them in to the body of the article. If not, atleast they should get the idea of the whole article.

3. Tell them straight:

What do you want to tell through your article? Tell it in simple and clear way. Some articles start with a story end with a story. Readers don’t know what to grab from that article. Stories gets the readers attention. But use them in other resources like your free reports, ebooks, web sites etc …

One more tip: Most article writers and ezine publishers like to see the article in 65 characters per line. This way it will be easy for publishers to send your article in their ezines.

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